November, 2021 Devlog

Hello everyone!

It's time for another update! Let's take a look at my handy dandy visual for how progress is going with the writing and coding.

November has been a little slower in terms of progress, but as you can see, I am still chugging along. November is always a crazy month for me, with family birthdays, Thanksgiving, and this year, a return to my day job.

Art Updates-

Amy has two new CGs that I wish I could show you, they are so pretty! However, these CGs are a part of Amy's route and I want you to see them as you play instead of here. (I hope you can forgive me, they're worth the wait!)

But don't worry, there is some art I can show you now, a new counselor! This counselor was designed by one of Camp Palut's backers as part of their reward tier. There is still one backer-designed counselor in the works.

Now for the less fun news-

I have decided to officially postpone the release of Camp Palut. As the game stands now, I think it's possible for the game to be fully written and coded by the end of December, but that doesn't give me any time to really clean up the game and make sure I am giving you the best possible experience. There is also just no realistic way all the CGs can be completed in that time. 

I have decided to postpone the release of Camp Palut until March of 2022. Hopefully this will give me and the artist plenty of time to complete all the necessary pieces without rushing or cutting corners. 

There is a silver lining to this though~

By postponing Camp Palut's release, we are now able to participate in the February Steam Next Fest! This is Steam's indie game festival, and being able to participate means the Camp Palut could gain a larger audience, which is very exciting.

For more information on Steam Next Fest, you can check it out here.

Remember, wishlisting the game on Steam is incredibly helpful for all those pesky algorithms, give it a wishlist and share it with your friends if you can!

Thanks for your continued support!

See you next month, 


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